Nashville Chapter February Minutes

Call to Order at 10:40 Am on February 17, 2018

Official Pledge of the National Federation of the Blind

I pledge to participate actively in the effort of the National Federation of the Blind to achieve equality, opportunity, and security for the blind; to support the policies and programs of the Federation; and to abide by its Constitution.

Presidential release 469

Finishing up with Washington seminar, wrapping up our first phase of political advocacy this year Parent leadership training Extend my appreciation to all the members who were able to be with us in DC Key now is to follow up in our local communities, follow through on their commitments Student division had a great turn out, highest attendance the students have had in a number of years, signal of growth within the student division and within our organization Reception at the Newseum, unveiled an exhibit by three D photo works Photo exhibit of 20 photos from Vietnam Includes tactile redesigns of the photographs, aural history discriptions, a great credit to the national federation of the blind It is the largest exhibit on the battle of Wade city anywhere in the united States All exhibits have braille descriptions, media rich, very accessible in other ways Legal program of the NFB Extensive work in the legal area, letters, law suits of any kind For more, visit Presidential Releases.

ADA Trivia

Roll Call

Approval of Last Month’s Minutes
Approval of Current Agenda

Committee Reports:

Treasurer’s Report
Public Relations Report/Social Media
Fund Raising Report

  • Dine Out of a Week
    • Go to your local eateries, talk to a manager and explain what we do and our fund raiser, ask for a gift card.
    • Do drawing for event at the end of April.
    • James Brown will speak more at upcoming meeting

Membership Report

  • Comments:
    • We are continuing to grow. This is an exciting time.
    • We take note of the new people here today and hope that will look forward to joining our chapter.
    • We are happy to have Josh Harper with us as a member.

Old Business

  • Tech Grant Reminder
  • Travel Grant Reminder
  • Agenda and Minutes Now Available Online!

New Business

  • Dues are Due – 15$ for the Year
  • Convention Registration Online Via Paypal or Mail
  • Convention Volunteers Needed – Contact Jimmy, James, or board members if Interested.
  • Elections in April – Committee will be formed soon. If interested please contact Jimmy, James, or any other board members.
  • Convention First Weekend in April
  • Chapter Meeting Scheduled for Third Weekend of April
  • Member Update – A long time member Becks has not been to meetings recently due to illness. She has been accepted into a graduate program in Chicago. She will be attending our next meeting and convention, but will be moving soon.
  • Youserve Service Update –The service has started and there are already some issues that will be discussed next month. Jimmy and James will be meeting some local organizations to discuss the issue. If resolved could be another option for transporation in the county.
  • State and National Scholarships Due March 15

Tech Spotlight

NFB Applications – From the power of your hand!


Karl Vondenbushy: Finance Advisor -N Should I Worry About Money Management?

Karl is the Vice president of coaching for financial group
creates retirement plans, invests money, and help organize college expenses. He was born in Clearwater, FL, around the Tampa Bay area. Karl’s tagline is live the life that you are created for. Karl’s father was a financial adviser all his life. Karl was in a band that got a record deal. After he and his wife Kristen got married, he moved to Nashville. Karl did the touring recording life for a while. Wendy(James’ Boehm’s wife) had been to one or two of his shows in Saint Lewis. In the coming digital music era and everything changing, our label ended up going under.

Karl’s band decided to tour and maybe get another record deal. They decided they didn’t want to do that, and I ended up working for a major record label in Nashville. Karl’s family was still in the Tampa Bay area, and Karl’s buddy was starting a church and I took the position of creative arts pastor there. Over those 12 years, Karl took over the role of executive pastor, running the books at the church. Karl started to feel like the life he was created for was changing a little bit. Karl worked part time with his father while with working at the church. Karl started thinking he could go work in the family business, but he couldn’t figure out how to do that without sacrificing my soul, because Karl is such a creative person.

Karl finally started talking to his father about how I could fit into that sort of business, use his unique gifts and abilities to make a difference for people.

Karl thought, “How could I make this a move to help people, rather than this boring transition from a music career to this 9 to 5 job with numbers?”

Karl came up for Wendy and Jimmy’s wedding, and had dinner with a friend. It was mentioned that no one had heard of helping the creative community come up with retirement plans. Karl felt like he had a unique skillset to help the unique community here in Nashville. He flew up to Nashville, showed his family how he could help.

Karl got an office here, flew there twice a month for a year and a half to see whether this was a viable option.

Karl was told, “You are going to have to move or we are going to have to hire somebody.”

That’s when Karl put his notice into the church and started making plans to move to Nashville. Karl now feels like he is doing what he was created for.

Info on Karl’s Business

The service is fee only. They don’t take commissions from anyone on any products, all we do is get paid for our advice. We are paid directly by our client, completely independent and unbiased, resonates with the artist community but also average jo’s who need help with their finances. Normally when a client comes to us, they realize their financial life is becoming more complicated than what they can handle. They create a plan for investing/saving. Assess goals, spending, calculations for those things, and software that tracks those things for them year by year.

For clients who have a lot of money to manage, we usually charge the assets that we manage, usually 1 percent or less. Musicians often times have a lot of cash flow, usually just a subscription fee, 100 dollars a month. We’ve got a lot of 20 somethings, Karl loves that because it’s going to make it easier for them to succeed. If we do our job, we should be able to meet just about any goal you have.

General budgeting advice. Good to have an Emergency fund of 3 to 6 months of living expenses, especially if they are in a career where their income fluctuates. If you put your money in a savings account like bank of America account you are getting like 1 percent, but get an online savings account. You can get 1 and a half percent. Take advantage of company benefits as much as you possibly can. For young people, if you start funding your IRA when you are 18, and fund it for 10 years, and then just stop, let that money grow, by the time you are reirement age you would be a millionaire. Trusts are great.


Karl’s Contact Info



  • New Members – Josh Harper, Lynn Starks, and Angelique were voted in as members.
  • Birthdays – Malika’s birthday is March 29.

Future Guests

  • Richardson Prosthetics
  • Disability Coalition: Carol Weslake – Vanderbilt Equal Action and Disability Office – March
  • Karen Nelson – Mobility Specialist
  • Lion’s Club of Davidson
  • Able TN
  • Superintendent of TSB

Adjourn Meeting