Nashville Chapter Minutes May 2018

Nashville Chapter Minutes May 2018
Meeting Date: May 19th

Meeting TIme: 10:30 AM

Meeting Place: Edmondson Pike Library

President: James Boehm

Attendees: 14

Remote Attendees: 1 to 3

Inspirational Quote

If you fail, never give up, because FAIL means “First Attempt In Learning.” END means “Effort Never Dies. ”NO means “Next Opportunity.”

Official Pledge of the National Federation fo the Blind

I pledge to participate actively in the effort of the National Federation of the Blind to achieve equality, opportunity, and security for the blind; to support the policies and programs of the Federation; and to abide by its Constitution.

Guest Speaker

We welcomed special guest speaker, Beverly Crook from California via internet.

She founded Global Cane Outreach. She spoke about how she became blind, how she worked through it, and how she eventually worked on missions with her church in Ethiopia, to provide canes and mobility skills for blind people who had none.

She told us about a young man who was blind and just sat around his home, having to be led to his outhouse, until he was given a cane and taught how to use it. She also gave him a talking Bible that is solar-powered, so there was no need to buy batteries or charge it. The next time she saw this young man, he was navigating his own hut, village and public transportation.

She concluded that being able to help someone else to learn how to be blind is one of the most fulfilling times of her life. Anyone wishing to volunteer and/or contribute to Global Cane Outreach may contact Beverly via James Boehm.

Presidential Report

The report was tabled.

Roll Call

Attendees were asked if they attended the State Conference, and if so, tell us what we appreciated about the hotel staff. Staff gave feedback that we (the NFB) was one of the “funnest“ groups they have ever had as guests. One staff members said that our convention really opened his eyes to think about people with disabilities differently. A thank-you card was passed around that everyone at the meeting signed, to be sent to the hotel staff.

Approval of April

Motion made to approve by Tyler Lewis, second by Milika Zivic, motion passed.

Approval of Current Agenda

Motion to approve by Beverly Parker, seconded by Jana Jackson, motion passed.

Committee Reports
Treasurer's Report

Previous Balance: $3653.85
Expenditures: $500 (Bell Academy)
Deposits: $60
May Deficit: $440
Current Balance: $3,210.85
Public Relations/Social Media Report

Committies are being opened up to whoever would like to participate in the various connittees.

Fundraiser Committee Report

Collecting gift certificates from restaurants for the Flyers are available to give to restaurants to describe the fundraising endeavor.

James Boehm had asked Wendy to find an inspirational news report video online to play for us. Wendy played the video. It was a report from NBC Nightly News, about a 17-year-old teenager who only had four fingers total, but played the piano amazingly well. He played at Carnagie Hall when he was 15 years old. Members discussed our takeaways from this report.

Membership Report

We are continuing to see growth. How to become a members was discussed. Membership dues are $15 a year. We thank the hard work of the membership and all of our committees. Membership committee makes calls to members we hanem’t seen in a while, to see how they’re doing.

Guest Speakers

Karen Nelson, Independant Contractor for Orientation and Mobility Services of Tennessee. Monica Sailer - Orientation and Mobility Services for the VA. They discussed how they got into work, told some stories about their experiences with their students. This was followed by a question & answer session.They emphasized that to get the assistance you need, you must self-advocate. The difference between Vocational Rehabilitation and Blind Services was explained.

Old Business

Tech grant applications period is open now. You can submit your application by email, audio or video. Grant will be awarded in December. Josh had told us last meeting that with a library card membership, you can do a free tour of the Country Music Hall of Fame. Great Idea! The 2019 NFB State Convention - it had been discussed that it might be held in Pigeon Forge or Gatlinburg, and now there is talk that they’re considering Clarksville. Please submit your feedback on which location you’d enjoy the most. An email about this is forthcoming.

New Business

Saturday, May 26, the Lions Club in Donelson is having a BBQ fundraiser at TN School for the Blind from 11 to 4. Admission is $6.00.

Idea for a future meeting to have breakout sessions - break into smaller groups during part of the meeting to learn about different subjects, such as how to use JAWS, using accessability features on the iphone.


Motion to adjourn to by Josh Harper, second by Sheila Hansen, meeting is adjourn.