Minutes for January 20, 2018

Minutes for January 20, 2018
Call to Order at 10:40 Am on January 20, 2018.

Official Pledge of the NFB:

I pledge to participate actively in the effort of the National Federation of the Blind to achieve equality, opportunity, and security for the blind; to support the policies and programs of the Federation; and to abide by its Constitution.

HK was able to recite it.

Inspiration and Reflection:

If you fail, never give up, because . FAIL means: First Attempt In Learning; END means: Effort Never Dies, and NO means: Next Opportunity
P Abdul Kalam

Roll Call and Quote Input

Mrs. Daryberry
James Brown
Tyler Butler

Presidential Report 468

Find it here:
https://nfb.org/images/nfb/audio/podcast/presidential-releases-en/pr468.mp3 Approval of Last Month’s Minutes

Wendy Moved to Approve
Seconded by Shela
Voted in Favor
Approval of Current Agenda
Malika Moved to Approve
Seconded by HK
Voted in Favor


Committee Reports:

Treasurer’s Report For The Month Of 1/18:
Previous month’s Ending Balance:


Description And Amount
$30 to Jimmie Boehm
Total: $30


Description And Amount
$130 Venmo
$85 Check
$632.25 Venmo
$450 Mobile Deposit
$15 Mobile Deposit
Total deposits: $1,312.25
Surplus/Deficit  for the month : $1.112.25
Ending Balance $4,051.33

Public Relations Report/Social Media:

Preparation for convention in our city! Everyone can help!
We are hosting, there are a lot of opportunities to assist
Malika and Janna volunteer

Fund Raising Report:

Dine Out for a Week
Raffle off a Week of Dinners

Membership Report:
Continuing to send out invites, check ins, etc.

Old Business

End of Year Party Discussion

Care Packages:

LSS donated accessible connect board, independence market donated voice recorder, flash cards, slate and stylus.
The recipients of the gift are planning on being at our meeting next month.

Reminder about Travel and Tech Grants:

Contact Wendy in the first two weeks of the month to get transit.
First come first serve, up to 5 requests per month.
Tech grant will provide assistance with assistance technology, provides up to 200 dollars.
Twice a year.  The transit funds can be used for both members and non-members.

On Demand has been transitioning, trying to work out something with the MTA.
New program starting in February or march, called Userve.
App that you would use to request rides if you are registered with access ride, they would use Lyft and Uber drivers.
On demand is helping with transportation for the convention.

New Business

Vision for 2018

What would you like for us to do or get more involved in.
Malika says more education.
Beverly mentioned screen reader compatibility for websites.

Legislation – On The Hill

Washington Seminar

Disability on the Hill:

National federation of the Blind of TN has passed a few laws in the last 5 years, this is a good way to get that process started and make some legislative connections, mainly going to take place on February 14. Sit down at a table, network and meet someone, if you don’t have a specific goal behind what you are doing, then you can’t get much done.
Thought about pursuing something this year, but probably we will pursue it next year but It’s really easy to do state legislation, and much harder to do federal.This year if we want to go to the hill and meet some people, maybe sit in on a session, we can do that Independent living council, disability rights TN, etc will be there
It may be a great opportunity for us to get our feet wet. And give us the experience to prep something powerful for next year.

James recommends talking to some of the disability groups, they may have legislation that could benefit us that we could get behind.

Hk says teach low vision braille.
Bell program is an opportunity to make change in that regard.

February 2 is going to be a hearing in the courthouse in downtown Nashville.
Jimmy denied access by a Lyft driver, filed charges against the driver.
A couple of years ago at Rutherford county there was a whole van full of Memphis federationists come to support.

Dues are Due:

Dues are 15, 5 goes to state affiliate.
Pay today, online with Paypal, Venmo.

Register for Convention:

YouCaneGive Initiative:

Getting ready to send canes to an orphanage in China.

State and National Scholarships

Future Guests:

Financial Adviser that works for a company in the Nashville area.
Karen Nelson is coming in March
Able TN

Cooking Tips:
I grill mini
Red skillet, really easy to clean
Taking a wooden spoon, if you are not able to see the stove, use the spoon as a mini cane
Silicone cooking gloves
Maxy aids independent living
Yes chef, app that gives you recipe instructions one at a time while you cook

Adjourn Meeting